Cory A. Croft

September 11, 2022
Cory A. Croft

Cory is Managing Partner at Edgelake Capital Partners. Developed from 16 years of experience in both corporate and operating roles, he is a people-focused leader and is excited to bring his passion and energy to the leading one great business.

Cory’s professional background includes inventory management, strategy, and marketing roles at Target Corporation, Accenture, Delta Airlines, and Expedia. He also spent time leading local market operations roles in Chicago for two technology based start up companies, Sonder and Rinse. He’s been responsible for launching new business from the ground up, and for stepping in to lead businesses and teams at various stages of growth. He understands how to drive both growth and profitability while maintaining culture.

Cory holds a BS from the University of Minnesota and an MBA (with concentrations in marketing, strategy, finance, and entrepreneurship) from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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