Yannis Slibi

October 4, 2022
Yannis Slibi

Yannis is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Aesthetics Partners.

Yannis was born to a family of entrepreneurs and has spent the past 7 years of his professional career working with small and large businesses. Most recently he was a Project Manager at McKinsey, where he spent 5 years focusing extensively on healthcare and more specifically on topics around pricing, M&A
integrations and overall transformations.

Prior to McKinsey, Yannis worked at his family’s business a multi location car park company for 2 years, covering different positions from driver to the General Manager. He has also led a non profit clinic and has spent a summer investing in medium sized companies. Finally, as a teenager Yannis used to
spent his evenings working at his mother’s dental practice.

Yannis holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Civil Engineering degree from Imperial College. He lives with his fiancé in London, where you can find him on a football pitch trying to perfect his finishing skills. He also loves learning new things and is currently trying to become fluent in Spanish.

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