Private Equity with Operational Expertise

We partner with exceptional entrepreneurial leaders to buy and grow leading companies in the lower middle market.

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What We Invest In

Riviera Capital invests alongside entrepreneurial leaders who seek to accelerate the growth of business service companies with proven and differentiated business characteristics. We form true partnerships and are alongside each step of the way to preserve existing legacies while creating enterprise value.

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Traditional Search Funds

Traditional Search Funds

Self-Funded Searchers

Self-Funded Searchers

Independent Sponsors

Independent Sponsors

Management Buy-Outs

Management Buy-Outs

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Operating Companies

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Meet The Partners

Helping Entrepreneurial Leaders Succeed

The partners of Riviera Capital have worked together for over 20 years, and have been active in entrepreneurship through acquisition and search funds since 2003. Their journey began at Fortune 500 companies before founding a venture funded startup and then becoming Self-funded searchers and operators. 

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Why partner with us

Highly Engaged and Experienced Operators

"Riviera Capital are more than investors or advisors- they are partners. They listen carefully and are a great sounding board, enabling faster decision making. They complement each other- with different skillsets, backgrounds, and opinions- increasing the diversity of ideas in the board room. Having been operators, they understand the ripple effect of key decisions on my team and culture- which lends an important nuance in their advice that not all investors have. And most importantly, I have no question that they are on my side."

Rina Vernovskaya
Rina Vernovskaya | CEO of 280 Group

"Riviera Capital is the kind of partner that you want to go into battle alongside. They are insanely responsive, right from the fundraising stage, through to pursuing potential targets."

Tariro Goronga
Tariro Goronga | Alnes Capital

"The depth and breadth of their experience as both operators and investors has been extremely helpful right from the start. They have been able to provide industry insight from their own experience, contacts from their network, and most importantly speed and responsiveness on time-sensitive opportunities. Riviera Capital have been great, highly-engaged partners."

Isaac Taylor
Isaac Taylor | New Horizon

"As prior business owners and entrepreneurs themselves, Riviera Capital immediately demonstrated strong value-add as trusted advisors."

Patrick Dunagan
Patrick Dunagan | CEO of NWCC

"Uniquely, Riviera Capital took the time to first understand who we are as people and how we think, and after we built that strong mutual rapport, the relationship evolved to understanding the investment opportunity itself. Since that time they have remained exceptionally engaged and continuously shared thoughtful insights from their experience that have added a great deal of value to us as investors/operators and our business as a whole."

Ben Kaplan
Ben Kaplan | Chairman of Prove Partners

"Riviera Capital cares about people. It was self-evident from the day we met, and permeates how we work together and the types of company culture we prefer when considering acquisition opportunities. It's great to work with experienced operators that care about how decisions impact people - who are the heart of every company."

Cayse Llorens
Cayse Llorens | Managing Partner of Brockhurst Capital

Investment Criteria

Hidden Gems That Are Established and Profitable


$5 million to $30 million with a strong base of recurring revenue.


$1 to $5 million with a minimum of 20% margins.


A minimum of three years of double-digit growth.


Business services where there is clear opportunity for scale.


Significant growth potential and/or ability to generate outstanding cash flow.

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