Unique and Flexible Approach to Value Creation

We do more than just invest capital. We take a unique and flexible approach to value creation in the lower middle market. Our approach has been molded and influenced by our 60+ years as entrepreneurs, operators, and investors. This experience gives us a unique lens when assessing opportunities, structuring deals, and creating long lasting value (preserving the legacy). While process and methodology are important, we also recognize that no two opportunities are the same, and apply a flexible investment structure and entrepreneurial approach to create enterprise value.

Riviera capital excels at the following:

  • Understanding the Entrepreneur: We are entrepreneurs who have experienced first hand the opportunities and challenges associated with acquiring and building an established business
  • Speed and Certainty of Close: Our decision making is fast and flexible and once committed we close our transactions quickly
  • Transitional Thoughtfulness: We place a premium on successfully managing a range of delicate employee, customer, and supplier issues
  • Confidentiality: We adhere to strict confidentiality and discretion throughout the process
  • Operational Excellence: We have more than 60+ years of software development, supply chain, sales & marketing, and finance experience. We leverage a team of 20+ operating partners and an industry leading advisory board to help companies overcome any operational challenges.
Riviera Capital, LLC Strategic Buyer Private Equity
Investment Objective Long-term Value Synergies IRR
Holding Period Medium to Long Unknown Short
Decision-Making Process Fast Slow Slow
Flexibility in Structuring a Transaction for Entrepreneur and Management High Low Low
Focus on Organization and Employees High Low Medium
Potential for Sellers to Remain in Business after Sale High Low Medium

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